12 Ways To Use Your Pulled Pork Leftover Meat

recipes for leftover pulled pork meat

Here's a common scenario. You have prepared delicious pulled pork using the massive pork shoulder or pork butt and as usual, you have leftovers. Should you throw them out? Of course not. You will be surprised by the recipes that are great to use in this case scenario.

Reusing Your Pulled Pork Meat

1. Pulled pork with macaroni and cheese

The first, the simplest and the most delicious. All you have are the leftovers, we know you already have macaroni and cheese. Mix the three and you have a delicious meal. To make it even better, add soft rolls, coleslaw (homemade) and biscuits.

2. Pulled pork pizza

making a pulled pork pizza

Should we say anything more?
All you have to do is to make a pizza and add as much pulled pork leftovers as you need. An even better result is possible with barbecue sauce, you can make all by yourself. This meal is suitable for families and for situations when you need a lot of servings and you have a lot of pulled pork leftovers.

3. Barbecue biscuit cups snack

Mix the pork with refrigerated biscuits and you are ready. This is rather a snack than a meal and it is something you can prepare within minutes and serve it on any occasion. Although we said refrigerated biscuits, you can use canned ones.

4. Pork Sandwiches

delicious pulled pork burgers

There is no need to explain the recipe in detail. In this case scenario, you will need small buns. Get them or make them if you prefer. Open each one and fill it with pulled pork and you have a sandwich. Now repeat the step multiple times and make as many sandwiches as you like. In addition, you can use mini buns or standard size buns according to your needs. Add coleslaw and you get a proper meal. Don't forget barbecue sauce.

5. Barbecue Empanadas

Barbecue Empanadas with pulled pork are ideal for many of us. They have a crust that is simply stunning and they can be used alongside barbecue sauce and coleslaw. This is just one example of many and you can mix and match until you find the best alternative.

6. Tamales with pulled meat

Tamales come from Central America and they have been a popular meal in the United States for ages. Making one is relatively a simple process. You will need cornmeal dough and follow basic guidelines. Fill them with pork and you get a perfect meal. The best thing here is the ability to freeze the tamales and reheat them when needed. The possibilities are endless.

7. Arepas

Arepas is a meal that came from Venezuela. It is basically a sandwich that consists of corn cakes and it is filled with pulled pork. You can make as many as you like within seconds and you can serve them alongside garlic aioli. The results are impressive and this is probably one of the most delicious meals on this list.

8. Brunswick Stew

Brunswick Stew is delicious, easy to prepare and can be the best meal in your house. It is actually made using pork and chicken. You already have pulled pork leftovers, but you will need chicken thighs. Mix and cook until ready. In the end, you will have a meal for the entire family and all of them will love the taste. Don't forget about the side "offers". Use pickles, cornbread and coleslaw. If you are in the need for something simpler, a salad will do.

9. Quiches

Quiches are mini-meal. In detail, this is an appetizer that can be made with round dumpling wraps. Braised or roasted pork can be used for filling. We tried both variations and they were delicious. When making the dish, make sure to pay close attention to the crust. Yes, it must be crunchy and it will probably be the main advantage your friends and family will like.

10. Egg rolls filled with pulled pork

You can make egg rolls from anything and fill them with anything. Actually, only the second fact is true. Anyway, egg rolls filled with pulled pork are perfect and extremely easy to prepare. Even if this is the first recipe to follow, you won't make any mistakes. Be free to use commercial egg roll wrappers but you can make your own ones as well.

11. Casserole

make casserole with leftover pulled pork meat

Casserole with salsa, cheese and chili peppers is ideal breakfast. Yes, you will use pulled pork as well and you will create perfect breakfast every single time. The meal is more complicated to prepare than others from the list, but equally if not more delicious.

12. Spring Rolls

To make the spring rolls you will need noodles, pulled pork (leftovers in this case), slaw, wrappers and mustard barbecue sauce. Mix all except the barbecue sauce and you have done the meal. Don't forget that barbecue sauce will be used as dipping source.

Picking the Best Pulled Pork Leftover Recipe

Now you know the truth. Instead of throwing away pulled pork, you can transfer it into something even more delicious and make a completely new meal within minutes. Try all the meals and you will see why they are on our list.

Emily Lopes
Emily Lopes


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