Barbecue Safety Tips for Pet Owners

protect your pet from the hot grill

Barbecues are fun for both animals and men, but if the care is not taken properly, it can actually turn dangerous for both of them. We, humans, know about the things that can harm us and can respond to it instantly. The same is not the case with animals. They don't know what's harmful to them are how to respond when something dangerous comes in their way. One of the finest examples is when someone sets up the barbecue. If you are a pet owner and are setting up a barbecue in your garden anytime soon, you need to be very careful with your pet. If you are doing it for the first time, here are some of the tips for you.

Secured barbecue flame

We all know about that one difference that humans and animals share. It is the brain. Animals don't have that brain and therefore they are called by that name. So, your pet too doesn't know that the flame that you have set for the barbecue could be dangerous for it. So, the very first safety tip that we want to give to you if you are a pet owner and want to set up a barbecue is that you should set it up very securely. There is a high chance that your pet can harm itself by jumping on to it.

The security of it is not just required when the flame is on, but also when it is off. If you have done it before, you know that barbecue takes time to cool. You will have to leave it overnight and if you are letting your pet out in the garden, you need to supervise them all the time.

Keep an eye on the main entrance

We are sure if you are setting up a barbecue, then you must have called some of your friends too. It will take just two minutes to any one of them to go out and leave the gate open. You just need to keep an eye on this, as your pet can run away very easily and you never want it to happen.

Keep certain things away from your pet's reach

There are a lot of things that are produced during a barbecue session that should not be in the reach of your pet. You can't give them fatty food, cooked bones, lighter fluids, cleaning items, and many other things. Well, we know it is very difficult to put these things away when you have set barbecue, but you will have to. You can put a secure bin, where you can put all these kinds of stuff into. If that is not working, you can choose a place at some height and can put these things into that. Make sure to choose a place that is far from your pet's reach. In the end, make sure to check the entire garden to ensure that nothing toxic is left on the grass.

Avoid giving human food to your pet

look for your pet

When we are preparing our food in barbecue, the food is either half cooked or overcooked. Well, in both cases, if it goes inside your pet's stomach, it is going to upset it. So, never ever try to feed barbecue food to your pet. Apart from the meat, we have corn and other vegetables that could be barbecued. Pets don't really know how to chew them, so it might get stuck in their throat. It clearly means that you need to avoid feeding them this too. The same is the case for alcohol, chocolates and any other human food you eat.

Keep them hydrated

It doesn't matter whether one has set up a barbecue earlier or not, the heat that is produced during the entire session is known to everybody. The open flames and the entire setup make us thirsty all the time, but we forget to drink water. The same goes for our pets too. They too feel the heat, but we forget to keep them hydrated. If you really love them and don't want to see them ill, you should make them drink plenty of water. If you don't want to leave the setup and go every time, the best you can do is to keep a bowl full of water in a shaded area, which is far away from the flame. In this way, you will not just keep them hydrated, but will also keep them away from the flames.

These were all the important tips that you need to keep in your mind while having a barbecue session at home while your pet is around. We know how important your pet is to you. You might not have the prior experience of it, but you will get to know about it once it will happen. However, you need to remain prepared for it by following the above tips.

Brianna Venegas
Brianna Venegas


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