Best Vegetables Selection for Your Next Barbecue

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It really doesn't matter whether you are a vegetarian or a non-vegetarian, vegetables should be a part of your diet. If we talk about barbecue, then there are a lot of things that you can prepare. One thing that goes with every dish is your favorite vegetable. After presenting to you the best meats for charcoal grill, if you don't really know which type of vegetable you should choose and how to grill them, then here is a list to help you out.


zucchini goes well on grill

The very first vegetable that you could use for your next barbecue session is Zucchini. It does not matter whether you are using a green or yellow one, as both of them work perfectly. If we talk about the way in which it should be cut, then the slices in 1/3 or form 1/2 of the whole piece should be made. Now, you don't need to cut thin slices, as it will fall apart while cooking. The cooking time for Zucchini is 6-7 minutes.

Bell Pepper

grilling bell pepper

The next one on the list is the bell pepper. This is one such vegetable that should be there every time you are having your meal, no matter how it is prepared. Bell peppers have their health benefits. If we talk about the way in which these should be cut, then you need to slice them and then you need to separate the seeds from it. This is very important if you really want to have an easy cooking session. Now if we talk about the cooking time, then you will have to wait for 10-12 minutes to cook the whole bell pepper and 8-10 minutes for halved ones.


juicy roasted mushrooms

We have not seen a person who doesn't like mushrooms. In one way or another, each one of us loves this vegetable. For grilling, you can use either brown or portabello mushroom. No matter which mushroom you are using, you should not cut its slices before cooking it. After the barbecue, if you can cut the slices if you want. The cooking time for Mushrooms would be 8-10 minutes. If you want that perfect grill to your mushroom, then you should cook the lower side first. After that, you can go to the cap side and can do the grilling. This is the best way to do it.


eggplants on a grill

There are a lot of ways in which eggplant could be prepared. However, if we talk about that one way in which the taste of eggplant comes in the best form is barbecue. The smoke then enters in the body of the eggplant, makes it one of the most delicious things you could ever eat. After the grilling, the eggplant becomes tender, smoky and creamy and that is the best way to have it. It will take you 5-7 minutes if you are grilling thinner slices of eggplant. If the slices are thicker, it will take you more than that.


barbecuing juicy tomatoes

No matter what you are preparing for your food, grilled tomatoes just add amazing flavor to it. Therefore, the next vegetable on the list is tomatoes. When it comes to grilling tomatoes, it could be done by cutting them into slices or by grilling the entire tomato. You need to keep an eye on the tomato while the grilling session as it is likely to burst when excessive heat is provided. It will take 6-8 minutes for them to cook if you have cut them into half.


healthy grilled asparagus

Next up in the list is Asparagus, which is again one of the favorite vegetables of the vegetarians. The texture of the Asparagus may often make you wonder how this particular thing will turn out after barbecue. Well, the texture of the Asparagus could be divided into two parts. We get thin and thick both types of Asparagus. When you are planning a barbecue, you need to choose the thicker ones. If not, then it will fall down while cooking. The standard time of grilling Asparagus will be 6-8 minutes. The time and texture matter a lot when you want to grill the Asparagus evenly.


carrots for a barbecue

When it comes to carrot, you really don't need to think about the type of carrot you need to choose before grilling. It could be any carrot. The final results of it turn out to be marvelous. The taste becomes sweet and tiger straps are formed. The method of grilling the carrot is a little different. You first need to boil the carrot for 4-6 minutes and then you need to grill it for 3-5 minutes.

These are all the vegetables you can choose for your next barbecue session. This is not it and there are other vegetables too, that you can choose for it. You just need to know the correct way of grilling it. Even if you fail in the first attempt, you will know the correct method.

Brianna Venegas
Brianna Venegas


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