Essential Grilling Gadgets for People who Love to Barbecue

best grilling gadgets for your home

Are you tired of sniffing in the horrid smoke for long hours when burning charcoal? Do you often panic right at the end of cooking a steak, in fear of overcooking or undercooking the meat? Do you wish to have a barbecue at your favorite camping spot? Well, the technology today can certainly make all of your grilling problems disappear and give you a customized, modern barbecue experience.

The Top 10 Smart Grilling Gadgets

Spare Tire Mount BBQ Grate

This is an awesome product by Front Runner Outfitters. It lets you take your cookouts anywhere. You are not restricted to the backyard anymore. Its sleek design occupies virtually no space. Mount the thin grate on the spare tire in the trunk and drive to your favorite picnic spot for a barbecue like never before.


Grilling can be fun with friends and family but the cleaning process after that is super boring. But worry not because Grillbot is here to make that part fun too. The Grillbot is a grill-cleaning robot controlled by a chip or some sensors and runs on batteries. It contains three wire brushes and an equal number of motors under its glossy hood. The wire brushes can be easily replaced when needed.

grillbot barbecue robot

Being autonomous is Grill-Bot's greatest feature. The robot does all the post barbecue cleaning and doesn't require your supervision. It contains three wire brushes and integrated speed controlled motors for moving them. The brushes scrape off remaining food particles on the grate and the water pump washes it down. The microcontroller also flags an alarm when the grill's cleaned. This bot guarantees practicality and efficiency. All you have to do is set the timer and let the gadget do the rest.

BBQ Dragon

The BBQ Dragon is a powerful cooling fan with a gooseneck. It reduces the time required to ignite charcoal by approximately ten minutes. The fan's variable speed controller lets you adjust it accordingly. The Dragon has a USB charging port for easy recharging, making it a valuable addition for travelling barbecue aficionados. You can use it to light your fireplace too. Owning the device lessens the hassle of lighting a fire, and gives you more time to spend with your loved ones.


Lighting charcoal is difficult, time consuming and hazardous. Therefore another fire-lighting alternative is mentioned in this list. The Loof-lighter is a hand-operated lighter, which gives off a jet of superheated air to ignite the coal within minutes. Quicker than the Dragon, the Loof-lighter is best used in the backyard. This is because it doesn't operate on batteries and requires a direct electric supply.

Weber's I-Grill Mini

Overcooked or undercooked meat is a frequent outcome in many household barbecues. Food is wasted and the cook is lambasted for their poor cooking. Weber has, thus, introduced a smart thermometer for all the amateur cooks out there. This amazing device features a probe wired to a thermometer. Insert the probe into the meat, and monitor the temperature in real time on your smartphone. The device gives three temperature levels: the starting reading, 5* F away from the target, and the target reading. This helps in cooking the meat to perfection.

Anova's Culinary Precision Cooker Wi-Fi

Experience the new cooking method with this precision cooker. All you have to do is add water in a container and bring it to an optimum temperature, using the immersion circulator. It will heat the water to the exact temperature and maintain it indefinitely. Pack your meat in a plastic bag and place it in the hot water. Let it cook and save time on the stand.

Grill Daddy Pro

The Grill Daddy Pro is another great device to ease the cleaning process. It uses steam cleaning technology. The device has a cavity to store water and a brush at its bottom. You have to fill it with water and light up the grill. It releases small amounts of water, which turns into steam and melts the grease off the grates. The device is made up of high-quality heat-resistant plastics with brush heads suitable for ceramics, iron and stainless steel grills.

Gaswatch's Bluetooth Propane-Level Indicator

propane level indicator from gaswatch

It is annoying to find an empty propane can right when you are all set to cook. Avoid the mad-dash for a refill with Gaswatch's Propane Tank Gauge. It features an integrated bluetooth sensor, which connects it to your smartphone. This displays the propane level on your screen and alerts you when the level is low. With this in your arsenal, your refilling worries will wither away.

GoSun's Solar Oven

Have you ever tried cooking your meat using sunlight? If you haven't then this solar cooker by GoSun can be a good start. Being able to heat up to a whopping 550* C this portable oven is good enough for a barbeque session. Its cooking area might be a little narrow, but it makes no compromise on the quality or taste of food.

Stingray BBQ Multi-Tool

Ever heard of a BBQ multi-tool? Well, here it is. The Stingray BBQ multi-tool is the only product in the category to offer seven functionalities in one tool. It makes barbequing super cool and fun. You do not constantly have to switch between your tools. Instead, you do most of it with just one like a pro. One moment you can be flipping your stake and the other grabbing a sausage. The tool occupies less space and saves your money too.

Super-Cool Gadgets for your Next Barbecue Session

These super-cool and fancy gadgets are a great addition to your barbeque kit. They can reduce potential waste of food, time and money. So bid farewell to your traditional grilling tools, and bring home the latest gizmos for your comfort and ease. Our ten recommendations will certainly in take your barbecue experience to another level. Make your life easier and enhance your cooking experience.

Brianna Venegas
Brianna Venegas


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