Grill Your Hamburger With The Right Recipe And Flawless Culinary Art

With a bottle of cool cocktail on a table and freshly cooked burger on your hand, you may find the best way to enjoy this summer season. Or, you can also let your friends be entertained with grilled burgers, while they are spending time at your backyard. They will love to experience the flavorful juicy part of a burger. hamburger preparation in my yard

Keep the juicy part of your burger intact

Many people like to maintain the juicy nature of their burger. In fact, the meat may be considered as a slice of muscles, which contain fat and protein. The part with protein content has the presence of moisture. While you grind the meat, you are mashing the fibers of muscles that allow internal moisture to get reduced. If you have bought commercially available beef, you may see that the base of packet has been soaked. The main reason behind it is that this is infused with sap, present in meat. meat for burgers While you like to sustain juicy substance of hamburger, this helps in restoring lost amount of moisture. To get the simplest solution, you may put some water to the mixture of the burger. It is also better to add two to three spoons of cold water to the crushed beef to raise juicy part of your grilled hamburgers.

It is also important to deal with burgers in a proper way. While you start cooking the burger, there may be a contraction of protein, and it ejects out the present moisture. In order to preserve juiciness, you must not hold hamburgers several times at the time of grilling it. Each turn pushes out a significant amount of sap, and for this reason, you must not compress the burger using your spatula to increase the speed of grilling. This never allows heat to move to your meat. Rather, it increases loss of moisture by twisting meat. ready to be grilled burgers Moreover, the percentage of fat has also a relation with the moisture content in your burgers. Beef in mashed condition may have lower amount of fat, and it becomes too much dry while cooked. While your meat has fifteen to twenty percent of fat, you may get excellent taste.

How much heat is to be applied to your meat?

Intense amount of heat leads to the formation of brown colored crust, and this is the main feature of an appetizing burger. Brown signs on the surface may be observed while the temperature level is about 250°F. At this stage, protein and sugar of your meat may have a reaction, and there is a creation of tasty substances, which turn the beef into a spicy item. Such browning effects are called as Maillard process. When you have applied more heat, there may be intense level of browning. burgers on grill However, while you have exposed the meat to high temperature for an extensive period, the crust of burger may become burnt. In order to avoid it, you have to choose the right amount of heat.

Then, start to grill hamburgers on the zone of higher heat so that the surface may be deeply browned. Later, you need to transfer them into a place of lower heat. It is considered as the indirect way of grilling meat.

Moreover, you have to get your grill preheated. Prior to placing all burgers, you need to lubricate the system with oil-saturated paper. But, do not leave carbonized deposits on a grilling grate because it may hold back the speed of transferring heat.

Is your burger ready to be served?

You may identify it with visual analysis; however, the thermometer seems to be the best indicator to let you know whether the burgers are already cooked. While heat is applied on meat, protein content turns out to be drier, browner and less transparent. Besides, all meat pieces also get contracted, with partial loss of moisture and with melting of fat. Fibers of protein also become firmer and smaller. To say simply, you may observe a number of physical alterations with more amount of heat applied to it.

Know about possible risk factors before offering burgers to someone

When you serve your guests with luscious burgers, they will surely think it to be mouth-watering. However, there're safety issues to be considered by you. Some detrimental bacteria are present on the surface of solid meat pieces. At the time of grinding meats, the interior parts and surface are blended together, and the bacteria may spread all over the food. So, never eat mashed meat without cooking it. At about 145°F, these germs can be destroyed; however, a little amount of juice or moisture may get disappeared at this temperature level. While the temperature is 150°F, you can find some pink tint at the central part of the meat.

Grinded meats - Learn to classify them to have tasty burgers

A piece of beef can never be tasty, if you are not able to recognize its texture and flavor. However, these two factors depend on what part or segment of the pig it is. Meat that we eat is the muscle of an animal; while we have exercised it, the fibers get enlarged, and muscles also become larger or tangy. You may experience tough meat as the tissues of the muscles are thickened.

As grinding process counteracts stiffness, you may have the best taste of mashed beef, which is extracted from a more savory section of a steer. Each of the pieces, added to the burger, includes sirloin and also chuck.  This chuck seems to be much palatable as this is the shoulder section (proper exercised) of an animal. However, sirloin may not be tasty as that of a chuck; you may feel the piece to be very smooth. Another part is taken from mid section and is more appetizing than chuck and sirloin.

Many people prefer eating the chuck as it contains an intense amount of flavor. Besides, the price of chuck is also quite lower than that of a sirloin. While you crush meat pieces at your home, you perhaps want to try out different things by putting other stuff cuts, such as shorter rib. It will surely offer you a very rich tang. You may love its excellent leathery texture. If you want to know about the presence of a fat substance, then we can say that the content may offer a unique flavor.

Shape or look of your burger

While you are preparing hamburgers, you may see that if an excessive amount of mashed meat is packed, then the result becomes much tougher. A tightly packed hamburger is also quite denser; however, there is nothing undesirable about it.

But, the main thing that is more significant is your burger's shape. However, at the time of cooking, edges of meat get shrunk, and then the core becomes bulged. It causes your burger to appear much as a meatball. You may press the dimple part slightly at center so that this bulge can get lessened.

How much time is needed for grilling burgers?

When you want to grill your burger, it is better to have to an idea about the possible duration of the process. However, there is no specific time, needed for grilling because it may vary depending on

  • Depth of patty
  • Meat type used by you to prepare them
  • The way you like to cook hamburger

Thickness of your burger

To get a good burger, you may have patties, which are almost ¾ inch in thickness. You should make sure that all hamburgers remain flat and have not become swelled.

We know that hamburger is made usually by blending beef. However, some people also choose chicken, turkey and salmon because they are much more lean options.

Medium rare or well cooked, what should you choose?

If you are dealing with some beef, then you've lots of options for cooking. But, the time period, required for grilling, is related to your own preference.

  • Medium beef - Cook just a particular side of your patty for about 3 minutes. Then, twist it and heat it for 4 minutes.
  • Properly cooked - Steam your patty in the same way for 3 minutes, and another side is to be cooked for almost 7 minutes.
Thus, you may increase the time for cooking depending on whether the heat is direct.

On the other hand, turkey and chicken must be well cooked, and they do not show any pink color at the central part. Patties inserted with salmon are thick at the core while it is prepared. According to expert chefs minimum level of temperature, needed for fish and beef is about 145°F. But, when it is turkey, the temperature is to be increased to 165°F.

What grill you have chosen

Type of grilling system that you are using may also vary the time for cooking. You can choose any grill, according to your lifestyle and choice. However, charcoal grill may allow you to have the best taste and here is a quick charcoal grill buying guide in order to find the most suitable charcoal grill for your needs. burgers on charcoal grill

Customize your burger in your own way

A big-sized hamburger seems to give more flavors. If the quality of meat is high, then it is not always needed to add fried onions to your patties. Other ingredients to be left behind include garlic, cumin and egg. Try to add spice at one surface of your patties by using peeper and salt just before placing them on your grill. Put the seasoned surface towards the downward direction.

Bun size - Don't ignore it

Most of the burger lovers focus on meat quality. However, the bun or bread is also an important component. Your bun size is the foremost factor to be considered. It gives an unpleasant experience, when have a bite on the food and feel no trace of meat.  In order to prevent it, you may take only six to eight ounces of burger.  This is quite wide to access the external edging of your bun. You can also squeeze your bread gently to make the food soft.

Now, to grill hamburger, these simple steps have to be followed:

  • Preheat your grill. Then, grill the hamburgers with high amount of heat. No matter whether you're making use of charcoal or gas grill, you have to ensure that the burgers have been heated with considerable heat in order to turn out a good crust and texture, preferable to all.
  • Do not make use of spatula for putting pressure on burgers during the process cooking. This act may cause the tasty juices to come out of burgers. So, never waste the favor by pushing out juices.
  • Turn over burgers just once. Spend almost three minutes for each of the sides. Remember that it is not healthy to eat medium cooked burgers. You may also crush the meat on your own way.
  • Cover your grill, if needed. It may put down flames.
  • Let burgers be left for some minutes prior to serving your guests. It will make sure that juices have been distributed in every part of a meat. If you crunch into the hamburger only one or two minutes after removing it from the grill, you may find that the juice is gushing out. It drenches your plate or fingers. The worst thing happens, when it spills out your favorite shirt.

At the last stage, we may speak about the toppings. You can garnish the burger with your preferred ingredients. Sliced pieces of onions are favorable to all. You may also add green chilly to the burger, already prepared by you. Besides, lettuce leaves, pickle chips, tomato pieces and condiments, including pepper may be chosen as toppings.

So, enjoy your freshly cooked hamburger at any time. It's really a wonderful gift that you can offer to your dear one. Though the basic way is grilling burger is same, you may try to be creative. But, make sure that this is delicious to all.

Brianna Venegas
Brianna Venegas


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