How to Reheat Ribs and Make Them Ultra-Fresh?

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Do you have a rack of ribs in your fridge that you want to reheat? The problem with reheating ribs is that there is a strong chance that you will dry them out during the reheating process, and no one likes dry ribs. Dry ribs become tasteless and chewy, so if you want the same fall off the bone effect that comes from ribs that have been freshly cooked, there are certain techniques you can use during the reheating process to ensure this.

4 Ways To Heat Your Cooked Ribs the Proper Way

4. Sous Vide

suis vide machine for ribs

This particular method will require special equipment; a sous vide machine. However, it will produce the best result because it guarantees absolutely no moisture loss and your ribs will fall off the bone after being sous vide. Through this method, your ribs will be placed in a vacuum-sealed bag, and then submerged in water. The vacuum-sealed bag will ensure that your ribs remain moist, as they will not be directly exposed to a heat source, like fire.

3. Using the Oven

use the oven to reheat ribs

Using foil and a baking tray, you can get the best result by reheating your ribs in the oven. Preheat your oven to 300°F, cover the ribs in barbecue sauce and then wrap the top of the tray with aluminum foil. Then, place the tray in the oven and leave your ribs there for 20 to 30 minutes (again, depending on their size). Your ribs will come out looking and tasting as if they freshly came off the grill. However, not everyone has an oven available in their homes (for which the above options are suggested).

2. Grilling

refresh your ribs on the grill

Grilling is a convenient method if you already have your grill heated up from before. Before putting the ribs on the grill, coat them in barbecue sauce. Ideally, you should cook your ribs on medium heat for the best results. Once you place them on the grill, cover them for a few minutes (depending on their size) and turn them over (covering them again until you feel they are fully heated through).

1. Using a Microwave

give your ribs a new freshy taste using microwave

The microwave is the best option for those people who have little time and have multiple other things to cook and reheat. It is a very popular method for reheating anything, but it can dry your ribs out if not done carefully. While you cannot guarantee the same flavor as with fresh ribs, you can retain some of the moisture, and microwave provides you with plenty of control. Moisture can be retained by covering your ribs with barbecue sauce before you place them in the microwave. Reheat them for 4 minutes on medium heat and then for 1-minute intervals if they have not reheated through.

Keep your Ribs Fresh

No matter the method you choose to use, reheating ribs can take some skill, and it can be useful to remember that you should not keep your ribs reheating for too long. You might have to test your technique on a practice rib before you reheat all of them because the practice rib can help you ensure that the temperature and your timing are right.

Brianna Venegas
Brianna Venegas


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