Worst Grilling Mistakes to Avoid During Your Barbecue Session

things to avoid while making a barbecue

Grilling your food is one of the most popular ways of eating a great meal. Around seven out of ten Americans grill their food, as per the statistics. However, not many people are aware of how to do it properly and end up ruining their experience, having undercooked, overcooked, or bad tasting food. The mistakes they usually make, however, are quite common, and most of them can be avoided.

7 Grilling Mistakes To Avoid

Adding Food Too Quickly After Lighting the Grill

Give it some time after you light up a grill flame and preheat it thoroughly. A charcoal grill should sit covered for at least five minutes after adding the charcoal, or if it is a gas grill, it should also sit covered on a high level of heat before any food is added. If the grill is not hot enough, the food will most likely stick to it.


You may be over-smoking your food, especially if you are grilling or slow cooking. If you are adding wood for flavor in the grill, sometimes it is hard to tell whether it is too much. All smokers and grills are different, which makes it hard to tell the right quantity of wood, and that leads to inconsistent smoking. You should start will a small amount of wood and then determine how much more is required.

Leaving Too Much Fat On The Meat

remove fat from meat

All the excess fat should be trimmed from all meats, including poultry before they hit the grill. The fat can drop down in flames, and that can cause flare-ups, which can make the food acidic and taste like burnt.

Burned Barbecue Sauce

Using sugar and tomato-based sauce as a marinade when cooking over a fire can be a problem. The sauce will most likely burn before the meat is even properly cooked. It is best to wait till the chicken is adequately cooked and then add in the sauce in the end by brushing it and then flip the meat. The meat will remain juicy and tender, and you will also get the delicious taste of the sauce, which you love.

Slicing The Vegetables Too Thin

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Be careful about how you cut your vegetables for grilling. You should be able to maximize their surface area so that it can become brown and cut in shapes that discourage them from slipping into the grill grate or falling apart. You can cut your zucchinis or eggplants in long planks or rounds so they can get nice and charred and would be big enough not to fall off the grill.

Grilling Without A Guide

It is crucial to use a thermometer when you are cooking meat. It is the only foolproof way to avoid both overcooking or undercooking. Overcooking can sometimes result in drying out of the proteins like pork chops or chicken breasts. Using a thermometer will let you know when the meat has reached a safe internal temperature.

Getting Distracted

You must never get your eyes off the grill. Do not get distracted by anything around you, whether it is your Instagram feed or the drink cooler. You should keep the lid open while cooking steaks, so it does not steam and overcook. Keep your focus on the meat until the internal temperature of 130 degrees is achieved.

Grilling Mistakes To Avoid

It is quite true when they say, "practice makes perfect" because the more you grill, the better you become at it as you learn from the mistakes. However, whether you grill occasionally or regularly, you can surely benefit from the mistakes mentioned above, so you do not repeat them next time when you are cooking up a storm. Your guests will undoubtedly be singing your praises!

Brianna Venegas
Brianna Venegas


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