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Camp Chef Flat Top Grill (FTG)

Editorial Rating

Overall Rating: 9.1
Build Quality: 87/100
Design: 89/100
Price: 93/100
Performance: 96/100


  • Great quality due to the fact all elements are made from durable materials
  • Compact and easy to transport
  • Easy to use
  • Four separate burners, made from stainless steel will generate up to 12.000BTU, which is slightly more than other models from this price range have to offer
  • Despite all of the mentioned features and capabilities, this grill is affordable


  • It is slightly heavier than other models from this price range
  • Grease managements system could be more effective

Camp Chef Flat Top Grill (FTG) Review

One grill that surprised a lot of people has to be the Camp Chef Flat Top Grill. It is surprising, simply due to the fact this is the latest model, made by one of the best manufacturer in the business and it comes with the latest features. Even more important, this is one of the rare grills that offers professional capabilities, but it costs less than similar models. The bottom line is that this grill should be on your list if you are planning to buy a new grill with the latest features and qualities.

Despite the fact the Camp Chef Flat Top Grill is an affordable model, it comes with advanced features. One of them is 12.000 BTU, which has to be mentioned. This is more than enough for an average user, so it is definitely a useful benefit. Compared to similar models, from the same price range, this model is simply better. The benefit in question has a positive effect on the grilling time and the taste of the food. Any meal, prepared with this grill is going to be delicious. It is a real pleasure being able to get a professional grill, with professional features for this amount of money.

In order to satisfy the most demanding users, the manufacturer added 4, separate burners. All of them are made from stainless steel and they are developed to withstand the toughest usages. There is no point in saying that they can generate 4 separate heating areas, which allows you to cook different meals and to prepare any type of food you want. The bottom line is simple. These burners can generate a huge amount of heat and they will distribute it evenly. The end result will be meals that have the same taste as they were prepared by professional chefs. Maybe this isn't the most important feature for you right now, but it will be once you have tried this grill.

Ignition system

It is perfectly clear that this grill must have matchless ignition system. As we mentioned earlier, it is a professional grill that comes at a low price. In any case, this system is mandatory on high-end models, but it is still rare in grills from this price range. The model in question is one of the newest models with this addition, so it is different than most other grills. This, simple addition makes it perfect for people who are looking for a bit different grill that offers slightly different, but better features. The ignition system must be one of those features.

Side shelves

Side shelves are a common thing with some grills. It isn't a secret that only more expensive and professional models have this feature. Now, you can have it in this model. The manufacturer added 2 side shelves, made from durable components, so they can withstand a lot of weight. Keep in mind that some models have side shelves, but they are not very useful, simply due to the fact they are made from low-quality materials, so they cannot withstand a lot of weight. With this grill, you won't have a problem. All you want can be placed on one of these shelves. Yes, it is a simple addition, but it allows you to use this grill anywhere you want. Thanks to it, you will be able to grill in the desert!

Grease management system

Every person, who used a grill at some point, will tell you that washing and cleaning these products is a nightmare. Grease, oil, and pieces of food will stick to the grill and cleaning will take a lifetime. It looked like there is no a simple solution for this problem. However, this grill is different. It comes with some of the latest inventions that were implemented in it. One of them is a grease management system. The main point of this system is to collect grease and oil. Thanks to it, cleaning and washing the grill is much simpler and it requires less time than ever before. It is also the first grill with this price that comes with this system.


What if you want to move this grill at some point and you want to use it in different locations? Well, it is more than just simple and it is a real pleasure to do this, thanks to a simple feature that has a huge importance. As you may believe, the feature in question is wheels. They make transport simpler and better, but at the same time, they make the entire grill more functional. Using it on different locations is possible and it is simpler than ever. This is the first grill with this price that comes with wheels for easy transport. It is definitely something that should be taken into account.

Leg levelers

Despite the small dimensions, the Camp Chef Flat Top Grill is packed with a lot of features. Some of them are small, some are huge, but all of them are more than just important. In any case, all of them, are important, simply because they make the entire grill better and more professional. One of the simplest, but a mandatory feature, when it comes to using the grill on rough terrain are leg levelers. It allows to the grill to adjust to the surface. Then, grilling can start without annoying moving of a grill. Yes, it is a simple feature, but using any grill, without this feature on uneven terrain isn't possible, so it is a huge addition that should be appreciated.

501 square inches of cooking area

This grill is small and big at the same time. It is small due to the fact it has small dimensions, but it is big because it offers 501 square inches of cooking area. This is more than any other grill has to offer, from this class. Even better, all the cooking area will receive an even amount of heat, which means that cooking will be done in a professional way. Thanks to this, you can prepare different meals and it is possible to prepare several servings from just one grilling. Keep in mind that the griddle cooking surface is 604 square inches.

We already mentioned that this grill comes with 3 different dimensions 475, 600 and 900 designed to fit any family size requirements.

Removable griddle

During a transport, cleaning, and storage, a griddle may be an issue. Removing it is the best thing you can do. Luckily, this model comes with a removable griddle and it takes literally just a few seconds to remove it. After that, you can wash it, replace it and transport your grill without a problem. Replacing the griddle is possible as well. Still, the biggest advantage of this feature comes related to washing. After all, washing a griddle that has been removed is simpler than washing a griddle directly on a grill.

This grill is modern. Although, it may look simple, all the features you are going to need are here. All components are well-made and they come with the latest additions. The bottom line is that you are going to be a proud owner of one of the simplest, but the best grills available on the market right now. Maybe there are no extremely unique design features, but this grill looks simple and nice, which makes it perfect for people who are looking for a product of this type that looks amazing but costs less than most other models.

Low Budget Grill with Super High Quality

The Camp Chef Flat Top Grill isn't a high-end product, but it has all the advantages those grills offer, so it is definitely an interesting choice. All you need and all you are going to need, this grill has, but it costs 2 times less than equivalent models. Simply said, it is one of the best investments, you can make and you will actually get one of the best grills, ever made.


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