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Cuisinart CGG-200 All-Foods 12,000-BTU Tabletop Gas Grill

Editorial Rating

Overall Rating: 9.1
Build Quality: 94/100
Design: 85/100
Price: 92/100
Performance: 94/100


  • Fantastic Design and style
  • Easy to understand heat gauge
  • Substantial cooking work surface
  • Fast ignition
  • Simple Assemblage
  • Porcelain ceramic layer for non-stick food preparation


  • In extremely wintry temperature it will take more time to heat up for cooking temperatures

Cuisinart CGG-200 All-Foods 12,000-BTU Tabletop Gas Grill Review

Unquestionably the Cuisinart CGG-200 features a large 240 square inches of the barbecuing room -- much wider than all kinds of other table top gas grills -- with thanks to the edge-to-edge iron cooking grate.

Everyone loves how incredibly hot this CGG-200 becomes, too. Though 12,000 BTUs on the one burner is sound like a lot; it's a lot more than enough to heat up the whole bbq grill to temps above 500°F -- and in some cases hotter, in most cases -- within ten minutes. This is actually the perfect heat range most experts highly recommend to sear meats and poultry with perfection.

Quality Exterior

People like the look, as well. It's merely a healthy looking product. It's primarily made from stainless-steel as well as features double-wall structure for extra insulating material. It doesn't only look fantastic on your outdoor picnic stand, but helps to keep high temperature centered on your meal and prevents it from leeching away.

Other Remarkable Attributes

Get started with an easy TwiStart key unit as well as in just a few seconds this Cuisinart All Foods bbq grill sets off to a functional life. You don't have to use your two hands to start grilling because it features greatly with one-handed lighting unit that prevents you any hassle. The long-lasting stainless-steel burner pumps out 12,000 potent BTUs and heats up the bbq grill grate swiftly and equally.

  • Temperature gauge built in hood
  • Features an easy tray in order to smoke veggies as well as kabobs
  • Super easy to get started -- can easily be started with even one hand
  • All carrying handles are also stainless-steel
  • Side tables can be folded and conceal when not in used
  • Accepts both fourteen & sixteen ounces disposable propane gas bottles
The streamlined high profile model of the Cuisinart All Foods Grill benefits quicker heat-up intervals when your grill is first lighted, in addition to speedier re-heating once you open the top to see or flip food.

In seconds after signals, the bbq gets hotter to perfect grilling temps. Although 500 degrees F is useful for many transportable bbq grills, it is fairly convenient for the potent Cuisinart All Foods Grill.

Heat reliability is important to grilling different meals effectively and provide your friends and relatives the right needed doneness of beef, seafood, and chicken, which is exactly where the built-in accurate heat gauge comes in.

Made for quality barbecuing, the ceramic pearly whites painted cast iron smoker grate is made for mobility and perfect grilling. Accompanied by a good sized 240-square-inch work surface, it gives you enough barbecuing room to have a great quantity of food, adequate for approximately 8 persons. grilling on cusinart cgg 200 barbecue Both sides of this distinctively made grate can be utilized according to foodstuff you're grilling. The smooth side gives optimum contact bases and excellent barbecue grill lines for meats, grinds, and chicken, while the other side provides far better surface level barbecuing for more fragile meals like seafood and fish.

The All Foods bbq grill brings together the perfect dimensions of a regular yard grill with the usefulness and lightweight ability of a convenient barbecue grill. And in contrast to big, multi-burner full-size gas grills, this Cuisinart All Foods smoker doesn't require a substantial part of your patio or deck, and doesn't use up space on more barbecuing areas and burners that waste gas and infrequently get used.

In spite of its enough grilling room, the All Foods grill is not hard to use on the street, thanks to her lightweight as well as 35-pound weight making it perfect for seashore festivities, tailgating, outdoor camping, and much more. Plus the optionally available Cuisinart Foldable Grill Stand is evenly portable--folding right down to about 2.5 inches thick, so your whole grilling set-up can effortlessly go anywhere.


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