Kingsford GR1031-14985 Score Card

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Kingsford Barrel Charcoal Grill

Editorial Rating

Overall Rating: 8.3
Build Quality: 89/100
Design: 79/100
Price: 85/100
Performance: 79/100


  • Kingsford grilling appliance presents you with a large cooking space
  • Highly transportable due to the attachment of sturdy wheels
  • Shelf and a pan available to allow you in easy cleaning


  • Extremely weighty
  • Difficult to control your coal's height

Kingsford Barrel Charcoal Grill Review

Travelers and campers always want to have delectable meals during their trip. So, a grill is the major appliance that is carried by them. However, many of them like charcoal grill because with this grill you can have the smoky tang, which lacked by any gas-operated grills. Though all the charcoal grills may not be run very easily, there are some popular and reliable ones, which are much helpful. To name one such grill, we may mention Kingsford GR1031-14985 Barrel Charcoal Grill.

Large space for cooking

Kingsford offers you charcoal grill, which may be run very easily. Moreover, the large grilling area, which is desired by all chefs, is also integrated to it. When there is a need of grilling several items, you don't require activating the machine multiple times. For instance, almost thirty to forty burgers may be accommodated simultaneously.

Store anything on the bottom shelve

This feature is much common in most of the charcoal operated grills. On this durable rack, fitted to your machine, you may keep charcoal but also some other stuff, like vegetables or meat. The racks are perhaps the most helpful part as they may be used at any time. However, the shelves are not only at the base but also at the front. You never need to move to your home for bringing the ingredients.

Robust construction

The grate that is included in the system of this grill is made of only cast iron in order make it long-lasting. The racks, about which we have already stated, are chrome plated.

Comparatively easy to clean

Clean your grill easily since its design is better. Remove any part, like the rack and pan, in order to eliminate the ashes from your device. Heat your gratesĀ and rub them using a steel-made brush in order to rinse them.


Kingsford GR1031-14985 grill is an acceptable model. From the overall review, this grill is found to be highly useful. Though the price is not much low, it is reasonable. If you are arranging for a barbecue at a yard for many people, this large charcoal grill is extremely suitable.


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