Lion Premium L75000 Score Card

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Lion Premium Grills L75000 32

Editorial Rating

Overall Rating: 9.7
Build Quality: 100/100
Design: 98/100
Price: 91/100
Performance: 99/100


  • Design
  • 75.000 BTU
  • 830 square inches of cooking space
  • Great and durable knobs, made from stainless steel
  • The entire construction and all components are made from a special type of stainless steel


  • Weight
  • May be difficult to get one

Lion Premium Grills L75000 32" Review

As the name suggests, the Lion Premium Grills L75000 32" is a premium and professional grill. It has the latest features, the professional additions and it even looks like a high-end model. In general, this is a great grill that it comes at a price. Don't forget that it can be used in commercial applications and it will be able to withstand anything you can throw at it. This also means that this model isn't a great choice if you are looking for a cheap choice! lion premium l75623 grill features list The model in question isn't very big. In fact, the dimensions are 22 x 33 x 25 inches, which makes it practical. However, the manufacturer was able to properly use all the space, so there are no areas that are not functional. As the result, you get 830 square inches of cooking space, despite the fact this isn't one of the largest grills. All the space can be used for cooking, due to the fact it offers even heat distribution. There won't be issues that may affect the tastes of the food. No matter where and when you use this grill, this feature (advantage) is more than useful and it makes the grill in question better.

The basic and the most important feature and capability of this grill is the BTU value. As aforementioned, it is capable of generating the extremely high amount of the BTU. 75.000 BTU can be compared with larger and more expensive grills, so this is definitely an advantage that should be taken into account. There is no point of saying that the end BTGU will be achieved shortly and it can maintain it for a long time. If the price sounds high, keep in mind that this advantage is extremely important and it should be one of your priorities. Choosing another grill, with a lower BTU isn't a wise choice.

Great smoker head

Looking for a stylish grill that looks interesting? This model is still a great choice. It comes with the latest and freshly designed smoker head. It is made from stainless steel, but it also features polished edges. The end result is an amazing smoker head that looks 100% professional and better than any other model has at the moment. outdor setup of lion premium l75623 grill Besides the design, this feature makes the entire grill better and more durable than ever. This type of material is resistant to corrosion, stains, and scratches. It is also very easy to clean, in a case, there is grease on it. There is no point in mentioning that this material will stay like new forever.

Stainless steel cooking grates

Besides a great smoking head, this grill features impressive rates. They are made from stainless steel as well and they are extremely durable. This means that they are completely resistant to corrosion, can withstand a high amount of heat and they are practically indestructible. The manufacturer claims that this addition has been developed especially for this grill and it is definitely more than useful addition. Thanks to it, your new grill will stay perfectly practical for a long period of time.

XL temperature gauge

Despite the fact all manufacturers know that temperature gauges are mandatory and they have a huge effect on the taste and the food in general, they use small and impractical gauges. Luckily, this model has XL gauge. It is much larger than any other model has and it makes this grill simply better than most of other products from this price range. As the result, you will be able to prepare more delicious meals and you will be able to maintain the desired temperature. Now you can fully understand why a great temperature gauge is important and why it should be taken into account. Choosing a model without a temperature gauge is a mistake that most people make.

Durable knobs

Most grills are made from stainless steel, but they have knobs that are made from other materials, which makes them less durable!

An amazing addition this grill has to offer are the knobs made from stainless steel.
This simple, but extremely important addition makes them perfect and capable of withstanding even the toughest challenges. No matter what you do with them, they will withstand it and they will literally last as long as the grill itself.

Latest design

Maybe it isn't the most important feature, but a design of this model has to be mentioned. It is shiny, looks great and it can be used in the most professional kitchens and it will still look perfect. If you want to impress your guest or your friends, this feature should be taken into consideration.

Professional Grilling Experience

The Lion Premium Grills L75000 32" grill is a professional model that comes at a price. Maybe it isn't very affordable, but you will get the latest features that are reserved only for the best and the most expensive grills.


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