Napoleon LEX 485 RSIB Score Card

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Napoleon LEX485RSIBPSS Gas Grill

Editorial Rating

Overall Rating: 9.7
Build Quality: 99/100
Design: 97/100
Price: 91/100
Performance: 100/100


  • Made from stainless steel, including lid
  • 5 burners will generate 74.000 BTU
  • Modern design
  • I-glow feature which illuminates the knobs
  • WAVE cooking grills
  • 815 square inches of cooking area
  • Can prepare delicious meals


  • More expensive than similar models
  • Heavy
  • May be complicated to use for some people

Napoleon LEX485RSIBPSS Gas Grill Review

High-Quality Grill Build

Big, powerful, purpose-built, durable and high-quality are just some words that can describe the new Napoleon LEX485RSIBPSS Propane Gas Grill. However, this is a large and complicated model, so it has a lot of additional features and capabilities to offer. Don't forget that this is a professional model so it comes with all the features a model of this class should have.

Stainless steel lid

One of the most important features, this model has to offer is related to the quality. This version is made from stainless steel, from a unique type of this material, so it is extremely durable and resistant to high temperatures. This feature also has a positive effect on the durability, so it is wise to say that it will last for decades, without any issue nor damage. The manufacturer claims that the lid is also made from the same material, rather than from alternatives, which makes the entire model better and more durable. This claim was, later confirmed by owners. All of this suggests that you get a grill that can be used for commercial purposes.

Great ignition system

Another feature that suggests that this model is perfect for professional applications is the ignition system. It is made especially for this model, so it is unique, modern and more than just functional. However, it also comes with one more advantage. In fact, this system is so reliable that it will last as long as the rest of the grill. You already know that it is made from stainless steel, so you can imagine how durable the ignition system is. In addition, it has been tweaked for heavy duty uses, so it can be used every day and it will work like a charm.

I glow knobs

One of the most interesting features this grill offers are the lighting knobs. This is more than a just important feature, despite the fact it looks "small". In general, it makes using the grill at night possible and simpler than ever. Even more importantly, the knobs will stay cool during the use and they can be used without or with gloves. In addition, the blue, backlight looks impressive at night and it makes the entire grill a lot better. Maybe it is irrelevant, but it should be mentioned that this is a unique feature and there are no a lot of models with it!

Ceramic infrared burner

As we mentioned, this is a professional model, so it must have the best burner. The manufacturer has also developed as a special type of burner, especially for this grill. It is modern, durable and more than just effective. All of this means that you will be able to make more, thanks to a great burner. It is made from ceramics, which suggests that it is more durable than any other model found on similar grills at this moment. In any case, this is a feature that should be taken into account and it is more than important if you are planning to use this grill of demanding applications. You should know that this burner cannot get damaged and it will last for a long time.

It isn't a secret that this is a bug grill, so it comes with a huge cooking area. In fact, the cooking area is 815 square inches, which makes it one of the most practical products of this type in this class. This capability makes it perfect for commercial applications and for large families. Keep in mind that the entire cooking area will prepare meals evenly and without any differences, which means that no matter what area you use, you will get the most delicious meal! According to a survey, this model offers the best cooking in the class!

WAVE cooking grills

Besides all the features we mentioned above, this grill has one more that must be mentioned. It is related to the cooking grills and it should be taken into account, simply due to the fact it makes the entire product better. The grills are made from stainless steel, as the rest of the grill, which means that they are extremely durable and they won't have to be replaced, ever! However, a unique addition is their design. They feature wave style which makes cooking slightly different than with other grills. It is a well-known fact that most grills come with conventional cooking grills, so there are no differences between them. On the other side, the Napoleon LEX485RSIBPSS Propane Gas Grill is different, and it is perfect for people who want unconventional products. Napoleon LEX485RSIBPSS in action This model features 5 burners. All of them are powerful and developed for the most demanding applications. They are long-lasting and can be used all day, without any issues such as damages. The best part is the fact all of them can generate up to 74.000 BTU. This amount is one of the best in the class and it must be taken into account. It is also one of the most advanced and the most important features of this grill.

High-End Product for Quality Ribs

As we mentioned at the beginning, the Napoleon LEX485RSIBPSS Propane Gas Grill is a high-end product. It isn't designed to be used occasionally, by people who don't enjoy grilling. This model is designed for heavy-duty applications, simply because it can withstand anything you can throw at it. Delicious meals will be standard and you can prepare them quicker than ever before, thanks to great burners and modern features. An interesting and 100% original feature is I-glow knobs that make the entire grill better. The bottom line is simple. If you are looking for the best, this model should be taken into account.


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