Best Natural Gas Grills


Lion Premium Grills L75000 32"

Lion Premium L75000
Build Quality: 100/100
Design: 98/100
Price: 91/100
Performance: 99/100

Broil King Signet 390 Gas Grill

Broil King Signet 390
Build Quality: 98/100
Design: 94/100
Price: 94/100
Performance: 100/100

Bull Outdoor Products 26039 Natural Gas Outlaw Drop-In Grill Head

Bull Outlaw
Build Quality: 99/100
Design: 92/100
Price: 82/100
Performance: 95/100

Natural gas grills are typically larger, provide more options, and will be stationary. The best natural gas barbecue for those who enjoy a stable grilling experience, you will typically have more space to operate with natural gas grills. The quality of the grills are generally better quality too when they are made specifically for natural gas. Be aware though that the best grills on the market will typically cost you a pretty penny. However, you can still nab a less expensive option if you know what you are looking for.

The best natural gas grills for you may in fact be propane gas grills. Supplied with a converter piece or sold separately, you can convert many propane gas grills into natural gas grills. Letting you use either fuel source depending on your needs and availability, the best all around natural gas grills are those that offer you the versatility you require. Prior to making your purchase, be sure the grill can make use of your natural gas line in and that the overall price including installation is worth it.

Emily Lopes
Emily Lopes


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