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CookShack Electric Smoker

CookShack SM025 Smokette Elite Smoker
Build Quality: 99/100
Design: 94/100
Price: 88/100
Performance: 100/100

Dyna-Glo Vertical Offset Charcoal Smoker – DGO1176BDC-D

Dyna-Glo DGO1176BDC-D
Build Quality: 94/100
Design: 90/100
Price: 90/100
Performance: 97/100

Smoke Hollow Electric Smoker

Smoke Hollow Model 30162E
Build Quality: 88/100
Design: 88/100
Price: 99/100
Performance: 95/100

Char-Broil The Big Easy TRU-Infrared Smoker Roaster & Grill

Char-Broil The Big Easy
Build Quality: 90/100
Design: 85/100
Price: 92/100
Performance: 89/100

Masterbuilt Digital Electric Smoker MB20071117

Masterbuilt MES 130
Build Quality: 80/100
Design: 88/100
Price: 92/100
Performance: 82/100

Do you want to buy a meat smoker to make authentic barbecue? Selection of the best smoker can be troublesome because numerous brands are available in the market. You can compare a smoker based on its features, price and durability.

how to find the best home meat smoker

Before purchasing a meat smoker, you have to understand their types. Nowadays, these four types of mean smokers are common:

  • Charcoal Smoker: Wood and charcoal smokers are traditional options to offer authentic flavor to your meat. It is one of the cheapest smokers available on the market.
  • Propane Smoker: This smoker can heat quickly and easily than electric meat smokers.
  • Pellet Smoker: These smokers burn wood to generate smoke and heat, but need electric power. Similar to electric units, these are convenient to use. You can get the flavor of the best hardwood/charcoal smokers.
  • Electric Smoker: No doubt, these are incredibly convenient. In numerous models, you can't get the authentic flavor. With the help of computer-controlled smokers, you can set up your smoker for a particular time to prepare your food.
Electric meat smokers need electricity, and these may be an excellent replacement for charcoal smokers.

How to choose the best meat smokers?

As its name suggests, it is used to cook meat in a smoky environment at low heat. Based on the size, you can use a smoker for indoors and outdoors smoking activities. A meat lover must have this smoker in his/her life to enjoy the heavenly tasting delicacy of meat. If you want to buy the best smokers, here are some essential things to consider.


Based on the price, you can buy a smoker to prepare the best barbecue. You can choose between computer control and electronic elements. With computer-control meat smokers, you can automate the cooking process.

Modern meat smokers are available with numerous features, such as cooking mode, temperature settings, sensors, time settings, etc. A meat smoker with lots of features can be expensive than others. You may not get the desired features in cost-effective models. Before investing in high-end models, you should understand the purpose of every element.

Capacity and Size of Smokers

The small meat smokers allow you to produce sufficient food for almost 20 people. If you want to cater an all day long party, you can buy the largest smokers. Make sure to consider how much authentic barbecue you have to make before you purchase. If you want to smoke on the weekends for your family, a small unit will be sufficient.

big capacity smoker for your backyard

To smoker for a large party, you must have sufficient space. Several smokers will tell their capacity for food preparation. In simple words, you will need one pound of raw meat for each person. It will help you to calculate your need regarding the preparation of the barbecue. A meat smoker with a small capacity is sufficient to prepare meals for your family.


Numerous units allow you to grill and smoke. If you need the best options, you can find different units for you. Charcoal units work as multipurpose smokers. Fortunately, affordable units promise these features. You should be careful about the design of both a grill and a smoker.

Famous Brands

It can be challenging to decide about brands with their stamps on smokers. Make sure to check the reputation of the company that manufacturer these smokers. They must offer the best customer services. Read the reviews from users and experts about a brand before purchasing their smokers.


No doubt, you will need the best smoker grill within your budget. A grill must not disturb your budget. Before spending money, you have to understand the required furniture for your smoker. Multiple options are available to buy efficient and affordable smoker.

Avoid excessively cheap electric smokers. Numerous amazing models are available at a different price range. Make sure to select carefully to avoid over-spending.

Customer Support and Warranty

Purchase a smoker with a warranty to deal with a malfunctioned and broken unit. Make sure to buy a product with an unlimited warranty. It must cover everything about a product. Remember, a limited warranty can cover particular parts only.

Customer support from the manufacturer is another aspect to consider. Warranty of your product will be useless if the manufacturer doesn't offer the best customer support. Keep it in mind that you will need customer support. Sometimes, you will need their help to understand the function of a particular feature.


You will need a quality smoker to meet the basic expectations. It must be serviceable, durable and reliable. Keep it in mind that a defective smoker can increase your frustration. Make sure to buy a high-quality meat smoker with the best features.

Control and Temperature Adjustments

Some meat smokers need wood to smoke and heat meat, but others use electricity, gas or charcoal for heat. Smokers often come with a water pan to regulate the heat by reducing temperature.

find a quality backyard smoker

To decrease the temperature, you have to close the bottom vents to stop air supply under the fire. If you want to increase the heat, you have to open the bottom vents to allow circulation of oxygen. A smoker must enable you to adjust the chimney or top and bottom vents to regulate the temperature.


Your meat smoker must be pet and child safe. Its electric parts must be safe from snow and rain. Try to buy a product with wheel lock and cool handles. Wood handles can disintegrate. For this reason, coiled handles of stainless steel can be the best choice. They disperse heat and remain cool.

Wheels and Movable Shelves

You have to move a meat smoker to store it in winters. For this reason, it must have durable and large wheels to roll smoothly on the lawn, pavers, concrete or a deck.

Your meat smoker must have movable shelves so that you can adjust the inner configuration of your smoker. It allows you to adjust half slabs, ribs and beef butts. Cleaning will be comfortable in the presence of detachable shelves.

Pick the Best Meat Smoker

After reading this buying guide, you will be able to choose the best smoker. If you need a smoker for beginners, make sure to buy an electric smoker of Masterbuilt. Dyna-Glo charcoal smoker is great for charcoal lovers, but it is not suitable for beginners.

Before purchasing a meat smoker, you have to calculate your purchasing power. Estimate a budget and find out the best meat smoker in the market. There is no need to spend your valuable money on unnecessary features.

FAQs to Choose Meat Smokers

What is the difference between a BBQ and a Smoker?

Smokers are different than traditional BBQs. Instead of putting food directly on the grill to cook quickly, smokers use slow and low heat to infuse the meat with a delicious smoky flavor. Smokers combine moisture and smoke for cooking.

Which chips/wood can I use in a meat smoker?

Selection of the right chunks, pellets or chips can be confusing for the flawless flavor. For poultry, you can choose between pecan, pear, peach, olive, oak, mulberry, maple, cherry, apple and alder. If you want to cook seafood, alder, apple, cherry, oak and mulberry are good.

To cook lamb, you can pick an apple, cherry and oak. The beef gives perfect flavor with cherry, hickory, mesquite, oak, pecan and walnut. Maple is a suitable choice to cook vegetables on your meat smoker. Moreover, hickory and mesquite are perfect for cheese.

Should I avoid some woods in meat smokers?

Yes, a few kinds of wood are not suitable for smoking because they can be poisonous. For instance, liquid amber, sycamore, sassafras, eucalyptus, elm, cypress, cedar, redwood, spruce, fir, and pine must not be used. These woods are potentially dangerous for cooking.

Which type of charcoal is the best?

Charcoal contains carbon and remaining ash. If you want to cook with this porous black residue, you can choose between BBQ Briquettes, Lump Charcoal and Charcoal Briquettes.

Why do I need charcoal?

With the use of charcoal, you can get advantage of the indirect cooking system for tougher and larger food. These food items can’t be grilled directly because of their burning potential. Charcoal is suitable for a flavorsome, even and slower cooking.

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